About the Boozelator 3001

Our wall-mounted breathalyzer units are state of the art. They don’t suffer from the inaccuracy of handheld units and provide both an accurate and user friendly platform. Featuring a 15″ flat planel LCD monitor our advertisements are eye-catching. The advertisements will be presented in high definition and can be presented as still image ads or video ads, with or without sound. Ads may be shown continuously in addition to being shown as responses to user interactions. Responses may be during the countdown to results or after the results have been received. For instance, if the user’s blood alcohol content level is low, a bar owner might advertise daily drink specials or a featured time that drink specials are offered. If the user’s blood alcohol content level is high, a taxi cab advertisement would be a great call to action provided to both promote alcohol safety and the taxi cab company’s services. We ensure that our user’s advertisements are both of high quality and appropriate for the venues.


  • Law Enforcement Grade Fuel Cell Technology
  • High Accuracy Results
  • 15″ SMART LCD Advertising Monitor.

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